Invitation to tender: Spatial data APIs

Geonovum wants geospatial data to be used. The public sector creates a lot of geospatial data - a lot of it being open data -. These data could be useful to others, who are often not experts on spatial data. Can spatial APIs help out? That is what we want to find out in a testbed on spatial data APIs. We invite both private and public parties or consortia of parties to express their interest in a tender for this testbed.

Goal of the testbed is to detect key success factors/best practices to enable more organizations and businesses to use spatial data. The submission period for the tender starts on July 5th, 2021. The deadline for submitting a tender is Thursday, September 2nd, 2021.  The tender targets five specific research topics:

  • Research topic #1: CRS extensions for spatial APIs
  • Research topic #2: Spatial data APIs Discovery
  • Research topic #3: Spatial data API clients, ease of implementation
  • Research topic #4: Generic vs Convenience approach for Spatial data APIs
  • Research topic #5: Simple/linked data encodings for Spatial data APIs

Download the tender


For each research topic a budget of € 12.500 excluding 21% VAT is available

Information session

On Thursday, July 15th at 13:30h we organise an information session where you can ask further questions. The minutes of this meeting will also become part of the Information Note.  This note will be published on the website of Geonovum on Thursday, July 29th (at the latest).

Your tender must be submitted by sending an e-mail to, addressed to Rob van de Velde, director of Geonovum.


Questions about the tender can only be asked by sending an e-mail to, addressed to Frank Terpstra, coordinator of the testbed. Questions should be submitted by Thursday July 22th. These questions and our answers are collected in an Information Note.


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