Testbed spatial data APIs final presentation

  • van 13:00 tot 16:00
  • Online

The public sector creates a lot of geospatial data - a lot of it being open data -. These data could be useful to others, who are often not experts on spatial data. Can spatial APIs help out? That is what we want to find out in a testbed on spatial data APIs.

Five different international teams have explored five research topics in this testbed:

  • Research topic #1: CRS extensions for spatial APIs
  • Research topic #2: Spatial data APIs Discovery
  • Research topic #3: Spatial data API clients, ease of implementation
  • Research topic #4: Generic vs Convenience approach for Spatial data APIs
  • Research topic #5: Simple/linked data encodings for Spatial data APIs

Thursday January 20, they present their findings.

You can join this meeting via the Teamslink below

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