Ethical framework

How can we ensure that technology develops to benefit society? How do we respect both our shared public values and the individual when developing applications built on location data? The discussions on privacy sparked by the development of apps for the COVID-19 pandemic, made clear that the answers to these questions are not obvious. At the end of 2019, the open platform GeoSamen | Wise with Location already started constructing the ethical framework. We hereby present the concept version of this framework to you.

ethical framework for the application of location data


Consultation Ethical framework for the application of location data


In our ethical framework, you can find several tools enabling ethical use of location data. The framework is inspired by existing ethical codes, enriched by input from workshops. This consultation version is a draft, meaning it still needs to be enhanced with examples, reflections and further additions. We would very much appreciate your feedback and your views on how useful and practical the framework is in its current format.


consultation version of the Ethical framework for the application of location data (.pdf)

Inventory ethical codes (.zip)

Please feel free to send your thoughts to Frank Verschoor at Geonovum

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