Invitation to tender - Aligning OGC-API-Features tooling


Aligning OGC-API-Features tooling with OGC-standards, the Dutch API Design Rules and INSPIRE

The OGC-API-Feature standard makes download services of geodata more accessible outside the geodomain. In order to stimulate the application of this format among Dutch government organizations, Geonovum organises a tender. This tender is intended to better align existing open source tooling for OGC-API-Features with a number of standards relevant to Dutch government organisations.

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This mainly concerns the following standards:

More information can be found in the tender document. This tender document has been updated based on questions and answers during the information session held on 7 November.

Download the updated tender document (17th November 2022)
The original tender document can also still be downloaded here.

On November 7, 2022, we have held an online information session where additional questions have been answered. A recording of this session can be watched. The presentation itself is also available.

Watch the recording of the information session

Download the presentation


There is a fixed budget of € 20,000 excluding 21% VAT available per tool, whereby Geonovum intends to award at least 2 different tools for suitable offers.


You can submit your proposal by sending an e-mail to, addressed to Rob van de Velde, director of Geonovum.

Additional information

The information session of 7 November will be recorded and published online. The minutes of the information session are also made accessible on this website. These minutes shall be drawn up in English.

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