Who has the best idea for a public sector API?

The Dutch Knowledge Platform API is looking for The Best API Idea 2020. Do you have an idea for an API that will make a difference within the Dutch public sector? Please take part in our contest.

best idea for an API


With a professional jury, chaired by journalist Brenno de Winter, we judge the entries by their value (handy/smart/practical). If you also want to go for the opportunity of having a Proof of Concept built of your idea, also send us specs in adherence to API designrules. An award can be won for the 'best idea' and an award including realisation of a proof of concept can be won for 'best specs'.

During the Week of the API, organised by the Dutch Ministry of Interior, ICTU, VNG realisation, Logius and Geonovum we will announce the winners.


Entries who meet the following conditions are eligible for this competition:

  1. The API uses public or governmental data sources and/or data services.
  2. The way the API works is explained in a video of max. 2 minutes.
  3. In case you want to run for the potential of getting a proof of concept built from your idea, a technical explanation (specification) should be included. A specification that follows OAS 3.0 - as the API design rules state - is a plus.

All entries are judged on their originality and user-friendliness.

How can you participate?

Explain your idea in a video of up to 2 minutes and submit (the link to) your video via Geonovum. If you also have a specification, you can submit it along with your video statement.


Deadline for the entry is November 15, 2020.


Competition Rules Best API Idea 2020

The Dutch Knowledge platform API is a collaboration of Bureau Forum Standardisatie, Kamer van Koophandel, VNGRealisatie , Logius, Kadaster and Geonovum, supported by the Dutch Ministry of The Interior. The collaboration was created on the basis that APIs make a positive contribution to a digital society in which many digital services should be able to work together easily. In the Knowledge platform, we explore strategic and tactical issues in open cooperation around the development of APIs and the use of these APIs inside and outside the government.

Geonovum, a government foundation specialising in geo-standardisation, located at the Barchman Wuytierslaan 10 in Amersfoort is the point of contact for the Knowledge Platform APIs. You can contact them if you have more questions about this contest via email address info@geonovum.nl.


The Knowledge platform API organizes the competition 'Best API idea of the year 2020' with the aim of awarding awards for the best apIs not yet built from a technical or user perspective based on government data.

The competition is open to both companies and government agencies. You do not have to own the data for which you submit an API idea.


There are two physical awards to be won, in the categories below:

  1. Best API idea from a user perspective
  2. Best API idea from a technical perspective

The jury can decide not to award an award in a category.


Entries who meet the following conditions are eligible for this competition:

  1. The API uses public or governmental data sources and/or data services
  2. The way the API works is explained in a video of up to  2 minutes.
  3. For the technical award a technical explanation (specification) is included. A specification that follows OAS 3.0 - as the API design rules state - is a plus.

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation criteria for the submissions are as follows:

  1. The idea is clearly described
  2. The idea is sufficiently original and/or innovative
  3. The idea offers added value in the provision of services to other governments, citizens or companies
  4. The idea is user-friendly

Submission and procedure

The entry consisting of (the link to) a video and technical specification was submitted to Geonovum by 15 November 2020 at the latest.

By submitting a submission, the petitioner agrees to these regulations. He accepts the rules of the rules and any decision of the jury. These regulations can be accessed on the organiser's website.

All submissions will be submitted to an independent jury chaired by journalist Brenno de Winter.

The jury assesses the entries on the basis of the evaluation criteria, and draws up a list of possible winners (the so-called 'nominated entries' or 'nominees').

The petitioners, or an alternate, will be invited for a festive closing session of the Week of the API organised by the Ministry of The Interior and Kingdom Relations, ICTU, VNG realisatie, Logius and Geonovum end November 2020. The jury will announce the winners in the two categories, after which each winner will have five minutes to present his project.

The jury's decisions are irrevocable and no appeal is possible.

Legislation and ethical rules

All entries must respect applicable laws. The submissions shall not contain allegations, facts, information or quotations that may cause harm or harm to an individual or group of individuals or may incite discrimination against individuals on the basis of race, opinion, nationality, gender, occupation or other beliefs.

The ideas submitted for the API awards remain the property of the participant. The organisers reserve the right to post, distribute on their websites, on social media, press releases and/or newsletters from the date of submission, without any compensation.

Exclusion of a project

The organisers and members of the jury reserve the right to exclude a project if it has not been submitted, in part or as a whole, within the deadline, if it does not meet at least one of the selection criteria, or if legislation or ethical rules have not been complied with.

In the latter case, the organisers may also decide to withdraw a prize already awarded.

Force majeure

The organiser reserves the right to make any possible change if unforeseeable circumstances or circumstances arise beyond his control. The organiser cannot be held liable if this competition is interrupted, cancelled or cancelled due to causes beyond his control.


As part of the competition 'API idea of the year', Knowledge Platform API collects personal data from the project managers and contacts of the participating organisations. This information is necessary to approach the participating organisation if necessary in the context of the competition. This information must be communicated in order to participate in the competition.

Geonovum processes the data on behalf of the Platform API in accordance with the regulations on the protection of individuals in the processing of personal data.

The organization will announce the names of the award-nominated participants by mailing to all participants in the Week of the API, the newsletter of Knowledge Platform API, via a news report on the websites of the partners participating in the Knowledge Platform, social media and a press release. If you don't want to, you can make it known when submitting your submission.

If you want to see what data we have recorded about you or would you like to have it corrected, please send a message to info@geonovum.nl

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