Our national standards are based on European and international standards enriched with specific requirements applicable to the Netherlands. In managing our geo-standards we work together with various national and international standardisation organisations. We are a member of the OGC, W3C, NEN Standards Committee 351 240 Geo-information and ISO/TC211 and CEN/TC287. We are also a legally mandated organisation for INSPIRE.

Technical Committee of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is an international non-profit organization established to promote interoperability for geographic data processing, by developing open and extensible standards for interfaces and data exchange for GIS and other technologies. Members (over 400) of the OGC are government institutions as well as industrial and educational institutions. The OGC develops specifications that are offered to ISO/TC 211 at sufficient maturity. OGC mainly develops technical implementation standards related to services.

Geonovum is member with voting rights in the Technical Committee (TC) of the OGC. This means that we have a voice in the approval or rejection of OGC standards. Through our membership, we can actively propose and implement adjustments to OGC standards that are important for the Netherlands. OGC meetings take place 3 to 4 times a year at changing locations. Geonovum is usually present.

Our director, Rob van de Velde, has been on the OGC Board of Directors since 2009. Frank Terpstra is a member of the OGC Architecture Board. Linda van den Brink is a member of the Technical Committee, co-chair of the GeoSemantics working group which deals with linked data and semantics and is a member of the GML and Observations & Measurements working group. Ine de Visser is a member of the API Records working group and Thijs Brentjens of the API Features working group. Friso Penninga is a member of the CityGML working group and the Land and Infrastructure working group where work is being done on a standard for the infrastructural construction world.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Geonovum is a member of the W3C since 1 July 2017. The W3C develops the standards for the web as the OGC does for geo. With this membership in hand, Geonovum can participate in various working groups that create standards for the web. The internet is a wonderful tool for sharing digital information. We would also like to use the power of the web to make geo-information more accessible. Conversely, "location" is often a connecting element for different datasets. And that makes "geo" very interesting for the web world.

Linda van den Brink of Geonovum is a member of the advisory committee of the W3C and co-chair of the Spatial Data on the Web working group.


Ine de Visser is member of the ISA2 Working Group on Geospatial Solutions

ISO/TC211 and CEN/TC287

Through the NEN Standards Committee 351 240 Geo-information, Dutch interests for geo-standards are represented by active participation within the international standardization forums ISO/TC 211 and at European level in CEN/TC 287. Participation includes participation in the working groups that develop and adapt standards. In the Netherlands, Geonovum provides the chairman of the NEN Standards Committee 351 240 Geo-information. Paul Janssen is chairman of the Geo-Information Standards Committee and chairman of the NEN 3610 standard consultation group.

Legally Mandated Organisation INSPIRE (LMO INSPIRE)

To the European programme INSPIRE, we are a formally mandated organisation (LMO) for geo-information matters.

Forum Standardization

Friso Penninga is a member of the Dutch Forum for Standardisation

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