Part of our documentation is published in English.

  • Framework of geospatial data standards for the Netherlands
    When designing and developing a geographic information infrastructure, the challenge is always to choose the right set of standards. The Geospatial data standards Framework of geospatial data standards sets out the international and national standards that apply to the Netherlands within the geospatial domain for connection with other domains. The framework takes into account the connection to the European geographic information infrastructure and ensures the integration of the geographic information domain into the Dutch digital government.
  • Exploring data space initiatives
    What is a data space? And what characterizes a data space? And how can we use and apply the data space as a concept in relation to the (national) spatial data infrastructure? These are the questions raised in this exploratory study. We provide insight into the underlying principles and concepts of data spaces from various data space initiatives that have emerged in recent years. We subject a number of data space initiatives to a quick-scan analysis and see which topics get attention and are important building blocks for data sharing in and across various domains.
  • Geo-extension to the Dutch API Strategy

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